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My personal favorite mediator for cases large or small, complex or more simple, PI or employment.  He is also the favorite of many of my opponents because he is fair, thorough, and thoughtful.  For those of us who represent injured people, he is unfailingly kind and understanding and usually successful.  And my clients love him.

Roxanne Barton Conlin, Roxanne Conlin & Associates, Des Moines, Iowa,  Past president, American Trial Lawyers Association

Paul Thune succeeds as a mediator of choice because he opens doors for discussion and delivers closure to disputes, usually in the span of a single day.
Michael Giudicessi, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, Des Moines, Iowa

Paul is always optimistic, professional and prepared for mediation.  It is easy to see that Paul genuinely cares about the parties he assists in mediation.  He is able to break down the most complex case into understandable terms for our clients and never rushes my clients to settle.  He uses his experience and skill to help us set realistic goals quickly during negotiations.  I highly recommend you consider Paul for your next mediation.

​Peter J. Thill, Betty, Neuman & McMahon, Davenport, Iowa

​Paul is able to get the heart of the mediated issues and explain them to my clients. His mediations with me have had an above 90% success rate. Paul has gone over and above to successfully complete mediation ,including staying overnight in Dubuque unexpectedly to complete complex mediation the next day.

James J. Roth, Attorney at Law, Roth Law Office, Dubuque, Iowa

​It is important to me that I work with a mediator who understands the applicable law, potential outcomes, and personal issues involved in litigation.     I want someone who listens and is open but also shares their genuine opinion on the issues critical to the case.   I have always found  Mr. Thune to be exactly what an excellent mediator should be.   He is professional, kind, astute and fair-minded - seeing a case from all perspectives.   The vast majority of my cases mediated by Mr. Thune have been amicably resolved through his mediation skills.   However, even more importantly, the few mediations that did not settle were never a waste of resources and I have always found the process worth the investment - regardless of settlement.    Not once have any of my clients felt Mr. Thune did not listen to or have empathy for their perspective.    I highly recommend Mr. Thune.   

Pressley Henningsen, Trial Lawyer, RSH Legal, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Mediating a claim or a lawsuit is not an easy assignment.  The ability to consistently and successfully mediate cases requires special abilities.  Paul embodies the finest qualities that those of us seek in a mediator:  Knowledgeable, conscientious, considerate, creative and, among all else, a terrific listener and communicator.  Without exception, my clients routinely tell me how much they appreciate his skills, fairness, and willingness to seek a resolution that is acceptable to both parties.  I highly recommend Paul. 
Nick Avgerinos, Capron & Avgerinos, Chicago, IL

Paul Thune has been the mediator on a number of claims I have handled over the years. He has been requested as the mediator by Defense attorneys and also insurance carriers. Further, I have requested that he be the mediator. Paul has been an extremely successful mediator as it relates to these claims. He is someone that I have found to go above and beyond when it comes to trying to getting the parties to common ground to resolve a case. One recent case drug on for several months after the mediation because of an issue with Medicade. He ultimately contacted Medicade and helped to get them to reduce their subrogation substantially to help to resolve the case. Carrying numbers back and forth between rooms is not his standard approach to settlement. He actively works towards a settlement and is very effective in explaining to my clients the positives and negatives of the case and what can happen at hearing. I would recommend him highly for mediation of both workers compensation and personal injury cases.
Niko Pothitakis, Pothitakis Law Firm, Burlington, Iowa

​When Paul is hired as your mediator, you can trust that he has read and reviewed the materials ahead of time and will know the case he is mediating.  He works hard and develops great rapport and trust with the parties involved.  With that background, your case has a very good chance of being resolved.
Kimberly K. Hardeman, Lederer Weston Craig PLC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

With a busy personal injury practice it is great to have access to outstanding mediators who can help settle difficult cases. Paul has mediated many cases for me and my law partners over the years. He inspires trust in my clients and instills confidence in the mediation process that has proven effective in moving cases in a positive direction. We will continue to use Paul Thune to help our clients receive fair settlement results.

Timm Reid, Galligan & Reid, Des Moines, Iowa